2016 NATS – End of a Streak!

Hello IRCWCC Captains! I’m helping with the website now and getting around to updating things. A number of captains had asked about posting the results from last summer’s National Competition (“NATs”), so I’ve obtained a copy of the score file and it looks like things got shaken up with SOMETHING NEW last summer:

Day one ended after two battles with the underdog Allies looking to finally make a comeback this year after many seasons of loss to the Axis fleet.
Allies:  49,930 points
Axis:    37,440 points


A new team emerged starting the next morning (a couple HMS Queen Elizabeth captains apparently complained the targets sank before they could get enough shots in to be fun, so they made dark pacts with the Devil – I’m sure secret rituals (and some cookies!) were involved – and formed an alliance with the other side creating a new fleet, the “X-Axis”!. This new fleet was a force to be reckoned with. Although there were not as many sinks after that, there was still lots of carnage (and munching of balsa), with final scores of:
Allies:   90,400
Xaxis: 115,250