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2022 Rules Posted

The 2022 updated rules have bene posted to the rules page. Changes include allowing large Armored Cruisers to mount a 0.5 unit sidemount, allowing the 1920 South Dakota class battleship, allowing Vanguard a single dual sidemount, and clarifying Convoy ship patching,

Allies Win 2020 Nats!

The 2020 nationals are in the books, and the Allies came out on top!  28 captains attended the event in Bradford, PA.  A good time was had by all!

Battle Fleet 1 Fleet 1 Score Fleet 2 Fleet 2 Score Winning Fleet Points Difference
Monday AM Allied                  12,330 Axis           17,920 Axis         5,590
Monday PM Allied                  12,110 Axis           16,790 Axis         4,680
Tues 1 Allied                  14,190 Axis           18,070 Axis         3,880
Tues Campaign Allied                  24,850 Axis             5,100 Allied        19,750
Wed 1 Allied                    3,000 Axis             2,930 Allied              70
Thur 1 Allied                    9,390 Axis           26,420 Axis        17,030
Thurs Campaign Allied                  22,550 Axis             3,100 Allied        19,450
Fri 1 Allied                  11,410 Axis           17,370 Axis         5,960
Total Allied                109,830 Axis          107,700 Allied         2,130


2020 Rules Posted

Updated rules for this battle season have been posted here:

Updates include allowing more battlecruisers to fight with three sidemounts, clarifying ram inspections, speed testing, and secondary ships.

It’s great to see the new ideas presented at the rules meeting each year and the participation for voting on the changes the members want