The Ball Breaker Trophy was built in memory of my eldest brother, Gerard. He built a similar kinetic sculpture for a person who was being a pain in the neck.

Since the web discussions between Allied and Axis Captains were typically heated and acidic I decided to use Gerard’s original idea as the basis for the “Slap Talk Trophy”. Lucky for me there was a ships’ captain available since the original sculpture used a construction worker, a 3/4 inch steel bearing ball and one of those little hammers from a children’s screwdriver set all mounted on a mahogany base. Ours needed a plaque so I settled on a cube and kept the overall size close to that of the Risk Trophy.
The great ball is another bearing ball and the smaller ones are malformed BB shot. The wee hammer is a fabrication.

So this became the “Ball Breaker Award” as the captain is making little ones out of big one in honor of the Warship Captain with the best stinging comments in the face of enemy action on the web.

Bill G

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