This Trophy is awarded to the battler who best exhibits the spirit of helpfulness and cooperation through out the NATS week

Brian Spychalski Award
2021Brian Koehler
2020Will Tustin
2019Jeff Lide
2018Marty Hayes
2017Mark Roe
2015Nate Graham
2014Carl Camurati
2013Tim Krakowski
2012Ron Hunt
2011Tom Tanner
2010Dave Simmons
2009Marty Hayes
2008Matt Andrews
2007Rob Arena
2006Tom Tanner
2005Andy Rucker
2004Carl Camurati
2003Ken Kelly
2001Matt Moury
2000Don Fisher
1999Steve Andrews
1998Steve Pavlosky
1997Steve Baker
1996Wade Koehn
1995Rick Whitsell
1994Steve Baker
1993Steve Baker
1992Brian Craven
1991Don Cole
1990Will Montgomery
1989John French
1988Ron Thidault
1987Tom Jass
1986D.W. Fluegel
1985Jeff Poindexder.
1984Carl Camurati