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2018 Battle Schedule Shaping Up

The 2018 spring battle schedule is shaping up with several events across the country!  Check out the official event listing and sign up here:

IRCWCC Eventbrite Page

Here is a current listing of events

March 9 – 12 – Brouhaha on the Bayou – Boutte, LA

April 13 – 15 – Great Guns at Greenbrier – Boonsboro, MD

May 4 – 6 – Battle for Ming’s Moat – Coxsackie, NY

May 26 – 28 – Memorial day battles (2x) – Saranac, MI and Statesboro, GA

Possible additional events are expected in Minnesota and Texas!

NATS 2017 – Axis hold on for victory!

The 2017 Nationals event was held in Saranac, MI in July 2017.  29 captains slugged it out in very fierce battling all week long.

The sides were 17 Allied captains verse 12 Axis captains, but the Axis jumped out to an early lead with crushing defeats of the Allied team in both battles on Monday.  The Allied ships experienced a number of mechanical failures, and were unable to adequately concentrate fire on the smaller Axis fleet.  The Axis extended their lead Tuesday morning, but the Allies rallied back and captured their first victory on Tuesday afternoon.  On Wednesday during night battle the Axis seemed unaffected by the darkness and effectively landed shots on the Allied boats, while the Allies concentrated on shooting the water around the Axis boats.  Thursday and Friday saw minor Allied victories in each battle, however they were not able to close the gap to catch the Axis.  Here are the scores throughout the week:

Battle Axis Allied Leader Overall Point Differential
Monday AM    21,420  12,800 Axis                  8,620
Monday PM    16,920    8,330 Axis                17,210
Tuesday AM    13,770    8,720 Axis                22,260
Tuesday PM      7,960  12,610 Axis                17,610
Wed Night      5,920    1,680 Axis                21,850
Thursday AM    15,110  20,730 Axis                16,230
Thursday PM    12,660  16,460 Axis                12,430
Friday    12,240  15,430 Axis                  9,240
Total  106,000  96,760 Axis                  9,240

Overall it was a very successful event, with all participants having a good time.

Here is a brief highlight video with some of the action

2016 NATS – End of a Streak!

Hello IRCWCC Captains! I’m helping with the website now and getting around to updating things. A number of captains had asked about posting the results from last summer’s National Competition (“NATs”), so I’ve obtained a copy of the score file and it looks like things got shaken up with SOMETHING NEW last summer:

Day one ended after two battles with the underdog Allies looking to finally make a comeback this year after many seasons of loss to the Axis fleet.
Allies:  49,930 points
Axis:    37,440 points


A new team emerged starting the next morning (a couple HMS Queen Elizabeth captains apparently complained the targets sank before they could get enough shots in to be fun, so they made dark pacts with the Devil – I’m sure secret rituals (and some cookies!) were involved – and formed an alliance with the other side creating a new fleet, the “X-Axis”!. This new fleet was a force to be reckoned with. Although there were not as many sinks after that, there was still lots of carnage (and munching of balsa), with final scores of:
Allies:   90,400
Xaxis: 115,250


2015 Nats Results

10 Years in a Row!! Axis win NATS!!

Final Score: Axis – 173,150    Allies – 79,330
35 ships fought it out in the summer heat of North Carolina for bragging rights for the the year. Shredded balsa flew and boats went bow up before sinking below the waves but everyone had a blast.

Von FluegelCarl CamuratiSMS Nassau
Brian SpychalskiRob Arena
Alien Award (Most Damage Not sunk)Brian LambHMS Iron Duke (3,180 pts)
Allied Most FearedBob HoernemannHMS Warspite
Allied Spirit AwardKen Arena
Axis Most FearedMark LideIJN Mutsu
Axis Spirit AwardBryan Finster
Ball Breaker AwardKas Gaigalas
Best of Scale CombatChase HargraveHMS Duke of York
Best of Scale ConvoyBarry TigheGlinda E.
Best RamBob Hoernemann
Class 3 AwardRandy StiponovichIJN Furutaka
Class 4 Award (tie)Carl CamuratiSMS Nassau
Class 4 Award (tie)Tom TannerSMS Ostfriesland
Class 4 Award (tie)Barry TigheSMS Von der Tann
Class 5 AwardJohnny AdamsSMS Baden
Class 6 AwardChris KesslerDKM Bismarck
Class 7 AwardN/A - no entries
Fire StickN/A - gone missing
Fleet AwardAxis
Individual Combat AwardChase HargraveHMS Duke of York
Life Line AwardDavid RanierT2 Tanker
Most Spectacular SinkChase HargravesHMS Duke of York
Really Super SwimmerTrey Schultz
Ring of DeathNot held
Risk TrophyN/A - not played this year 🙁
Rookie of the YearZack HoernemannHMS Bermuda
Swiss Chesse (Most Damage sunk)Steve AndrewsUSS Arkansas (5,900 pts)
Tech AwardRick Schultz