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Frequently Asked

When first shown the Magnificent Obsession™, many people think of innovative ways to improve what we do. In the interests of time savings, here are some of the most common:

What sort of weapons can I use?
Any weapon at all, as long as it is a CO2 powered cannon firing BBs at 150 PSI or less.

Can I use mines and torpedoes?
No, those aren’t BBs.

Can I ram?
Sure! We do it all the time! However, you will be penalized points for doing it and it annoys people when you damage their ships that way.

Can I build a carrier and launch RC aircraft?
Can you build R/C 1:144 aircraft? Lemme know! That sounds cool! However, you can’t use them as weapons. They aren’t BBs.

Why is the bulged Nagato 24 seconds?

The original cutoff point for 26/24 seconds was 740 feet, changed in 1991 to 720 feet, which sped up both the Nagato and North Carolina at the same time.  [Hullbusters August and October 1991]. Deal for Nagato exception to 6 units was made in 1992 when the membership voted to specify the bylaws were supposed to override the shiplist ( stuff was really inconsistent back then, if I recall right the shiplist already had it listed at 6 units ).  Hullbusters December 1992.

Why is the Hood 6 units?

Probably the First Attempt to give Hood 6 units was in 1993 and failed.  Hullbusters December 1993. Second attempt to get Hood to 6 units was in 1996 and failed.  Hullbusters October 1996.  Sometime in the early 2000s the Hood actually got bumped to 6 units in the ircwcc.